• Androgyne16020
  • Isabelle GELLE
  • United States

Androgyne 16020 par Isabelle GELLÉ


"Once upon a time"

Chypre Leather

A perfume that explores the softness of leather, wrapped with citrus notes on an addictive woody base.

Top notes : Cardamom, Zuzu, Mandarin

Heart notes : Leather accord, Violet, Juniper berry

Base notes : Vetiver, Patchouli, Birch

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Kansas, in the 1930's, an american woman breaks all taboos : her haircut is masculine ; her clothes combines leather and parachute fabric. She decides to conquer the World by plane....against all time when only a daring woman with a strong character can prove that she can make it in what is primary a man's world.

She is an adventurer, fashion stylist, aviatrix, feminine and masculine at the same time. She is ahead of the contemporary world where genders mix. She is today's woman but also the first genuine androgynous woman.

Data sheet

50 ml
fragrances 100% naturelles, alcool biologique, eau déminéralisée.
Natural Allergens