Les Larmes d' Aden
  • Les Larmes d' Aden
  • Thierry BERNARD

Les Larmes d' Aden par Thierry BERNARD


"On the incense road"

Honey Oriental

A honeyed and citrusy trail carried by a sirocco of myrrh

Top note : Beeswax Absolute, cedar wood, Neroli

Heart note : Frankincense, Jasmine, Galbanum

Base note : Myrrh, Labdanum, Blue Ginger

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On the rim of Arabia Felix, where India, Africa, and Asia do meet, lies the harbour od Aden. Thence, caravans laden with spices and incense prepared to journey through the desert : on this ancient road rhythm by oases, there still lingers in the air the divine scent of the Tears of Aden

Data sheet

50 ml
fragrances 100% naturelles, alcool biologique, eau déminéralisée.
Natural Allergens