Isabelle Gellé

Isabelle Gellé

Chameleon perfumer

Isabelle "fell" into the perfume caldron at the tender age 10 years old. The creations of her ancestors, Gellé Frères perfumers, famous in France at the end of 19th century, inspire her. She lived and worked in many countries and her travels allow her to develop her creativity and enrich her olfactory heritage. Isabelle created one of the first 100% natural line "Les Parfums d'Isabelle", well know in English speaking countries. She manages her own school "The perfumery art school of UK", where she teaches the Art of 100% natural perfumery. She is committed to craft distillers to help them save endemic plants in their countries and earn a living out of them.

  • Kashi


    Essence de lumières d’Inde


    A warm perfume, a cashmere veil scented with iris powder. A ballet of sparkling pear and licorice evolves towards a tribute to the elegance of patchouli and Indian jasmine, on an amber base of sandalwood, white musk and vanilla.