The Editions des Parfumeurs du Monde thus offer olfactory tales of which are perfumers are the authors; tales written noble materials that, like unsung poems, will take you to perfumed land.

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The Editions de Parfumeurs du Monde were born in 2017 from desire of Thierry BERNARD and Gwenaëlle CHAUVIN-SABY to give prestige back the art of natural high perfumery. Les Parfumeurs du Monde brings together great independent perfumers around a olfactory palette that, while somewhat restrictive, becomes rare, complex and bold in the hands of the most daring artisans.

Our House is a place where freedom of expression enables to write stories with the most beautiful natural raw materials of perfumery.

For our perfumers, entering the world of Parfumeurs du Monde is a guarantee that they will create without constraints so as to deliver singular and authentic perfumes.

As artists, our Parfumeurs du Monde also share a taste for travel and natural materials. Through our collection of Eaux de Parfum, they transcribe their emotions and deliver their vision of nature, near or far, with a deft and generous hand.