Les parfumeurs du monde

Les Parfumeurs du Monde sont nés de la rencontre de 6 parfumeurs passionnés et amoureux des matières olfactives naturelles.

  • Isabelle Gellé

    Isabelle Gellé
    Chameleon perfumer Isabelle "fell" into the perfume caldron at the tender age 10 years old. The creations of her ancestors, Gellé Frères perfumers, famous in France at the end of 19th century, inspire her. She lived and worked in many...
  • Michel Roudnitska

    Michel Roudnitska
    Perfumer of the heart Since its early childhood, Michel was immersed in the world of perfumery. For 10 years, Edmond Roudnitska, his father and the creator Eau Sauvage by Dior, taught Michel the knowledge of aromatic raw materials and...
  • Perrine Scandel

    Perrine Scandel
    Elegant perfumer As early as 1985, Perrine began her career as a perfumer with major international perfumery groups throughout Europe : Lauthier Fils, Givaudan For 26 years, Perrine has been managing, developing and offering...
  • Jean Claude et Eric Gigodot

    Jean Claude et Eric Gigodot
    Jean-Claude et Eric Gigodot, Perfumers father & son Jean Claude is based in Grasse and is considered as one of the most talented perfumer of his generation. His career started in 1970 in Paris where he had the opportunity to be...
  • Thierry Bernard

    Thierry Bernard
    Adventurer perfumer After obtaining a phD in chemistry specialising in oil and essential oils refining, Thierry created his first company in Martinique.  During 5 years, he sourced and importated raw materials from over the west...